Greetings, folks--

I just switched to F8 64Bit and am loving it, but I have a funny bug. DeVeDe is giving me a bug that it never gave me before--the audio on the .iso DeVeDe makes is missing or misplaced. When I put the DVD I made into my stand alone player, it plays with no audio or funky squeals. When I play the .iso with VLC, the video is silent. However, when I change the audio track from 1 to 3, I hear the sound perfectly--but audio tracks 1 & 2 are silent. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

There is a possibility that I may be having Mplayer issues. When I install the Mplayer gui, the video comes out choppy and there are constantly error messages popping up (literally every 1/4 second!). But, when I do not install the gui and run Mplayer by itself, controlling it with just the keyboard commands, it works fine. Any ideas there?

Thanks in advance!