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    ssh x11 forwarding question

    Does anyone know if there is a way to move an application that is already running to another X11 display?

    I would like to access running programs via SSH x-forwarding. For example, I would like to keep an anjuta IDE project open on my main machine, and be able to forward the screen to another computer.

    I know I could use VNC. I'd rather not. Thanks in advance.


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    I don't know if this will help you but if security is the reason why you are uninterested in vnc for this purpose and want to use ssh, have you looked at NoMachine? It does more or less the same thing as vnc but over an ssh connection and is faster than vnc to boot.
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    I'm using NoMachine, and I'm loving it - it's so much faster than X11 forwarding or (tight)VNC.
    Yet I 'm not sure if it will allow you to get the GUI of a running application to another machine.

    When I use NoMachine to log into my main computer, I'm getting a separate
    desktop. Sure I can start any application, but access a running instance?
    I don't know how to.

    If this is no concern, I totally recommend NoMachine.

    cheers, kai

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    I think xmove is what you need.
    It's like screen/detach but for X apps. that with X forwarding should be just what your looking for.

    EDIT ---
    Debian -- Details of package xmove in sid
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    Sorry to bump an old thread

    NX will also shadow the session you already have open if you allow it in the config files.

    Say you turn your desktop PC on, boot into KDE and start Firefox, then grab your laptop, hit your screensaver and go up to Starbucks.
    Boot laptop, load NX, select "shadow", enter your screensaver password and there is your Firefox, just as you left it.

    One problem with this is that the screen will scale. If your desktop is 1280x1024 and your laptop 1024x768 you will have a hard time reading the squashed fonts.

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