Hi all,

I'm having a little difficulty setting up enhanced cTorrent to
auto-download. I found a script on the nslu2-linux.org yahoo group forum which sounds exactly what I need, and I think I've followed the instructions to the tee, but it still ain't working!

My setup is:
Linksys NSLU2 NAS appliance
Unslung firmware 6.10 beta
Running latest versions of thttpd, mt-daapd, twonkymedia, CUPS, and enhanced ctorrent.

Here's the script:
# cat autorrent.sh
#set -x
# Automatic Torrent Download Queue Manager
# Create a dedicated user "autorrent-user" for running this script.
# Start this script from unslung/rc.local and it will run indefinitely:
# su autorrent-user -c "sh /autorrent-root/autorrent.sh" &

TORRENTFILE_FULLPATH=`find . -maxdepth 2 -name "*.torrent" |
head -n 1 | cut -d "/" -f 2-`
TORRENTFILE=`find . -maxdepth 2 -name "*.torrent" | head -n 1
| cut -d "/" -f 3-`

# Main block starts

CLIENT="nohup /opt/bin/enhanced-ctorrent"
CLIENT_OPTION="-C 10 -M 40 -m40 -S localhost:980"
while [ 1 ]; do
while [ "$TORRENTFILE" != "" ]; do
rm $TORRENTDIR/Working.txt
sleep 60

# Main block ends


The only things I haven't done are to create a dedicated user and add
it to unslung/rc.local. Instead, I'm trying to run as root and created
the file autorrent.sh containing the script. I made this file
executable and then run it using:


When I hit <enter>, it says:

BusyBox v1.3.1 (2007-12-29 03:38:35 UTC) multi-call binary

No help available.

These two lines then keep repeating until I hit CTRL+C. nohup.out is
no help either - it is just thousands of almost identical lines, of
the type:

| 11/0/190 [176/1246/1246] 5MB,0MB | 15,0K/s | 0,0K E:0,1
/ 11/0/190 [176/1246/1246] 5MB,0MB | 15,0K/s | 0,0K E:0,1
- 11/0/190 [176/1246/1246] 5MB,0MB | 15,0K/s | 0,0K E:0,1
\ 11/0/190 [176/1246/1246] 5MB,0MB | 15,0K/s | 0,0K E:0,1
| 11/0/190 [176/1246/1246] 5MB,0MB | 15,0K/s | 0,0K E:0,1

I'm guessing this is just telling me about the torrent I already have
downloading (started manually).

All software is the most up-to-date possible, as it's all been
installed within the last week. Please forgive my ignorance - I think
I'm doing alright for 1 week's experience with Linux! Love the Slug!

Best regards,

Lee Alkureishi