Hello to you all.

Recently i have discover that netfilter have the patch-o-matic to applay module to the iptables, i want to install the IPP2P so i can get rid of p2p trafic in my work internal network. I have 70 machines to manage the internet conection and the load of the LAN, investigating i discover the IPP2P funtionality, i went to his web page, there i read that to aply the IPP2P to the iptables i have to use the patch-o-matic, again wen to the netfilter webpage and there i learned that to use the patch-o-matic i have to connect to a cvc (Netfilter Extensions HOWTO: Patch-O-Matic)
# cvs -d :pserver:cvs@pserver.netfilter.org:/cvspublic login

(When it asks you for a password type `cvs').

# cvs -d :pserver:cvs@pserver.netfilter.org:/cvspublic co netfilter/userspace netfilter/patch-o-matic
ok, i tray to connect, then put in the pass but it give me the error
cvs [login aborted]: connect to [pserver.netfilter.org]:2401 failed: Network is unreachable
Is there another way to get the patch-o-matic?
Also, the howto says that i have to recompile my kernel, and that is totally new for me, i never mess up whit the kernel. Please if someone can give a link to a good howto i will appreciate it.
And one last thing, if a recompile my kernel and don't put some options that the fedora core intaller have done while installing, does other funtions of the kernel will go off? or just the modify part will apply? i don't want to lose my server for messing whit the kernel

Help please
i'm using the kernel "" for x64 athlon