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    OK, I have all these wonderful programs that I need to download, BUT no one has tackled my wireless networking problem!!!!!!!!!!! I atleast would like a WIRED internet connection. If you would be willing to help me on getting an internet connection check out my thread in the Networking Forum.

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    on the side: about linspire

    Two things about "linspire":
    1) from
    Linspire has something of a bad reputation in the Linux community. They have been accused of not adhering to the GPL, under which most of the products in their distro are licensed [1] (
    I guess most end users would not care about the GPL problem, but in my humble opinion, they should.

    Also, their distribution has all users running as root by default, thus eliminating any of the security benefits of running a Linux machine.
    2) The second problem mentioned should be something users care about. Running everything as root (or a user with full root power) is B.A.D (Braindead, Arrogant and Dumb :P ). Just like the quote says: it takes out one of the most important security parts of linux and would turn linux into something resembling windows: insecure from the start.

    I do not know if "Linspire runing as root by default" is true, must say I'm pretty curious about it. Can anyone confirm this?

    Oh, I almost forgot, I got all heated up about that root thingy and stuff... there is an anti-virus tool for linux (in fact, there are probably more). From my "apt-cache search virus" (an anthology):

    clamav - Antivirus scanner for UNIX (I use this one)
    exiscan - an email virus scanner for exim
    mailscanner - an email virus scanner and spam tagger
    sanatizer - the Anomy Mail sanatizer - an email virus scanner
    stepbill - get rid of those nasty Wingdows viruses

    Although it is actually pretty funny to just download a virus or two, doubleclick, and watch them... do nothing. Or just opening them to read through, or... well, you get the point

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    The primary use of an antivirus for Linux is to protect Windows clients if you're running a Linux mail server. This way, you can clean up their mail before they receive it. Grisoft has ported their AVG to linux if you feel you need an av on the client side.
    On Linspire and root, the answer is yes. That's the way it's done. After the install, on the first boot, you get a notice that it's not wise to run as root. However, since most system integrators will make that first run to make sure everything is running properly, the likelyhood of someone buying a prebuilt Linspire machine and ever seeing that warning, let alone knowing you can set up seperate user accounts, is almost nil.
    Now, some of you might say, "Those who set the machines up themselves will see the warning and head the advise." To that I'd reply, "Do they do it on their WinXP machine?" Also, If you're going to install it yourself, you'd be better off installing a different distro because this "point, click, install" stuff leaves all configuration decissions up to someone in Oregon. And I'm sorry to those of you who might be offended but that's just not Linux.

    big_k, I have used Linspire. Not long mind you but I did use it. The desktop environment was nice. No better than I could do on my own but it was nice. I mean, it's just simply KDE that's been rebadged so the user thinks Linspire made it.
    Also, I liked that things worked. No better than any other distro though.
    However, those two things weren't enough for me to give it a thumbs-up. The idea of C&R just pisses me off. The idea of paying $50 to Linspire for something you get free with, say, Mandrake just doesn't sit well. In fact, if you set-up Mandrakes urpmi to use PLF and contrib, you get tons more and better software.
    I think I've covered the rest of my complaints well enough that I needn't repeat them.
    OH NOOOOO!!!!!! You did it the way I said?

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    that's stupid. i didn't know most linspire setups were run that way. although the average windows user usually sets up their client as an admin. so many windows users wouldn't think anything of it. even though admin on windows is not quite equivalent to root on unix, root is more god like than admin. you still get the "are you sure in windows?, and you still can't uninstall explorer.

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    I've never used Linspire and all of the negative comments above are perfectly valid and excellent points. Even so, it sounds like Linspire is a great asset to the Linux community. I've installed Mandrake, Fedora and Gentoo and I really think that most Windows users are not ready for any of them. If Linspire can help someone to easily migrate from Windows to Linux, that's a good thing: they'd never go back. On the other hand, getting a Windows user who is not _strongly_ motivated to make the change, to try any of the other distros, is more likely to make them a lifelong slave to M$.

    $0.02 [PAID]

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    Linspire ... I own it, you can HAVE IT

    I'll send anyone the CD that wants it. I installed Xandros Open Circulation instead and it is just as user friendly, has a *FREE* software repository, comes with OpenOffice and much more software, and doesn't claim it made every bit of software on it.

    Linspire is specificly designed to not install standard packages without breaking it. So then you *have* to buy all that great free linux software out there....

    I have moved into Fedora and Xandros now, and I am serious to anyone that wants the CD.
    I'll ship it anywhere in US at cost. It's crappy linux... but it's better then WinDoze

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    Quote Originally Posted by U-Turn
    In fact, if you set-up Mandrakes urpmi to use PLF and contrib, you get tons more and better software.
    Hi, U-Turn
    Can you share with us newbies just how you accomplish this? Sounds like something worthwhile.
    Now, if I could only figure out how to install software in the console mode.

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