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    My Favorite Windows Programs in Linux??

    OK I have tons of programs that I just will need once I have transferred to Linux. I have explored enough to know that I have all the productivity software that i could need. The following is a list of Programs in Windows that I use and if you could post the compatible Program in Linux. Thanks!

    1) AIM compatible chat
    2) Windows Meadia Player
    3) Adware remover
    4) Virus Scanner/Protection
    5) Valve Steam
    6) Limewire (or any other download programs)

    I know I sound like such a newbie but I am totally clueless and could use a few pointers.

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    gaim for aim.
    mplayer for media.

    adware remover on linux, that's new to me. i never ran into an adware problem on linux.

    i do think there are anti-virus programs for linux though. don't know of any, cuz i don't use 'em. i wouldn't worry. just don't be playing around as root too much. just remember, "he who play as root, eventually break tree" confucious.

    never heard of valve steam. but maybe that's just because i have so much physics homework i can't play computer games.

    check this site out,, i think you would like it.

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    Thanks for the help!!

    Yeah, I should have know better than adware in Linux, but I just wondered about the sites putting them in there Linux or Windows. I know some of the basic sites I visit put it there.

    Yeah, Valve Steam is basically what you need to play Counter-Strike. I don't play that much and am not very good, but I would like to have a few games in Linux.

    BTW: I know the feeling about HW, when school starts back in the Fall I will have loads upon loads of HW.

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    as for limewire there u will find a linux version on there site

    there is also apollon , it connects to kazaa , gnutella , openft

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    your welcome

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    yes linux can work for you I just switch a small business over to linux from windows and quite a few friends ,
    if you are a beginner then I suggest linspire 4.5 its easy and simple and though the true linux fanatics will say its not true linux ..dont listen it is .

    if you are a little more advanced I suggest Suse 9.1 you can use gaim for instant messaging , Gnutella or limewire for p2p downloading [many other programs too]
    its got nvidea drivers and live updates I use amoroke for music and streaming radio , but kaffeine I found is great too good visuals and mplayer or xine or kaffeine for dvd's and avi files , honestly anything you can do in windows you can do in linux ,

    I am reletively new [ 3 years ] I run a small network consulting business out of my home and my business is 100% linux now
    my kids [11 and 8 ] use linspire I use suse and mandrake my wife uses gentoo
    which took me a full week to configure .

    Linspire will take you 15 mins to install on your machine you can subscribe to thier click and run service and their are thousands of programs for you to install

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    Is Linspire another version of Linux or is it a program package?

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    Linspire is a commercial Linux distribution. You have to pay for it(from time to time there are exceptions).
    It's a Windows wannabe built on Linux and it very much violates everything I understand Linux, GNU and F/OSS to be about. They do things like take the hard work of F/OSS developers and rename it to Linspire this and Linspire that.
    For example, They took Mozilla and renamed it to Linspire Web Browser, Linspire Mail etc. I viewed their flash demo the other night and the impression I got was they want the viewer to think they developed all the software in Linspire. I mean, the primary desktop environment is KDE but you wouldn't know it by looking at any of the package names.
    Linspire might make it easy for a beginner to get started using Linux but I'll be damned if I'd ever encourage anybody, newbie or otherwise, to use it.
    OH NOOOOO!!!!!! You did it the way I said?

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    concured, i would agree with you wholeheartedly, but if its between M$ and linspire....linspire wins. They may be theiving kiniving sons of a;sdljf;alsd j but they do make a decent product, more than windows can say (dont worry, i have never touched linspire)
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    i would like to get someone who has used linspire here to write a basic review saying what they liked and what they didnt like about it. i would love to try it out just to get a feel of what its like but i am not paying 50 bucks for it and then another 50 to beable to use click-an-run cause i perfer to support the distro that i like and if i dont know if i will even like linspire i dont want to hand them money with out know if i will keep running it or not. but if someone has used it let use know what you think. thanks
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