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Thread: x cd roaster

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    x cd roaster

    i couldn't get x cd roast to use the IMG file on my HD. i configured it, it read the cd but i coundn't write the stuff on my HD that it put in it's tmp folder.

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    it's tmp folder
    did you mean /tmp or another folder? EIther way, check first off for permissions to the dir.

    The config file you setup as root the first time you run the prog checks for a writable dir wherever you put it I believe (or it used to anyhow)

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    it's not that it won't read the file(the folder has it's own directoryin the tmp/ directory- /tmp/cdbrun/) but it won't let me select the source or type of burn/copy
    i can't get it to do from hd to cd instead of from cd1 to cd2(disc at once)

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    Could you be a little more specific? What diagnostics do you get?

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    try k3b, it's better

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