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    Installing Programs

    OK so now I have internet!!! I have downloaded Mozilla Firefox, becuase I did not like Konqueror. I had not problem downloading or installing the program. Once the program had installed it appeared and I closed it. Now I cannot find the program. I am not familiar with Mandrake yet, so I do not know how it stores files. Is it anything similar to the way Windows does?? I have seen a My Documents folder, that was familiar.

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    The default location for the main Firefox executable is /usr/bin/firefox, so if you make a link to that file on your desktop, you can just click on that link whenever you want to run Firefox. I'm not sure what desktop environment Mandrake uses, but the process for creating a link on the desktop shouldn't be too hard to figure out...

    Good luck.
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    or jsut open a CLI and type firefox. Nice thing is you can close the cli as soon as this is completed.
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    OK I tried to do that, but it is telling me that the link is malformatted.

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    Yeah, I have no clue what a CLI is. I did a search and it found the Firefox folder, but I could not find the program itself.

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    cli = command line interface.
    just open up your favorite terminal windows.

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    Yeah, sorry I am still lost. Can you give me step-by-step instructions?? Sorry to be such a newbie, but I am totally lost.

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    OK I am not quite as newbie as I thought I was. I kept retrying the link, and it finally worked.

    NEW PROBLEM!! I cannot install some other programs. The programs are:
    2) Limewire
    3)KDE (I am not sure that I really downloaded the right thing. Their site is VERY confusing.)

    1) With Gaim the installation opens and asks if I really want to Install or Save? I said Install. Then it asked for my Mandrake Installation CD's 1 and 2. After I put them in the install still did not complete. So I tried re-installing. Now it is giving me a series of error messages. Here they are:
    Some package requested cannot be installed:
    gaim-devel-0.80-0mdk10.0.i586 (due to unsatisfied gaim[== 1:0.80])
    do you agree ?
    I click OK.

    I was getting a list of things that the install needed to complete the install, but now the Installation window opens and closes, and I never get that second error.

    2) Limewire: The Lime wire File doesn't open!! It is a bin file, and simply won't open. I wish I could give more technical info about this, but there is nothing else.

    I do want to mention that these programs were downloaded in Windows, but then transferred via a link back to Mandrake. I actually redownloaded GAIM in Mandrake though.

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