I am trying to execute snmpwalk in a machine A and querry a machine B.
Machine A is a Redhat 9 distribution
and machine B has an Ubuntu distribution
with ubuntu is really simple to install and configure an snmp agent
with apt-get install
but in macihne A (redhat) I am not sure what I am doing.

In ubuntu, if I execute
snmpwalk -c pulbic -v 1 localhost
it works fine, by the contrary if instead of localhost I try to put the ip adress the output is
Timeout : No Response from 192.etc ..

Then in machie B redhat 9
I've downloaded net-snmp-5.3.1.tar.gz
i've untared
make install

The snmpd is no where to be found...
and trying
snmpwalk -c pulbic -v 1 localhost
Timeout : No response ...

I've created the snmpd.config following other moedels i've found
i've tried alose
snmpwalk -c pulbic -v 1 (machineA ipadresss)

doesn't work either

I'm really lost here ...
so if anyone could kindly give me any information on what should I do
to make something work ....

Thank you