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    Internet Radio plugin VMR not Linux comatable! Alternatives?


    So I am fairly new to linux, but I am learning pretty quick and I am feeling pretty comfortable with it. I am running Red Hat Linux 9, in dual boot with windows xp (could some one tell me if this was a good idea while your at it?, you no, starting off with RedHat, I dont hear alot of people talking about it being a good newbie distro).
    Anyways, I am trying to listen to Q107.7 on the internet - I used to do it all the time in windows. I can't figure out what format the stream is, but it uses a VMR 3.0 by ChainCast browser plugin that is not for linux. Check out the site for yourself if you want, its, and click "listen live" in the top right corner. I hear that you can run internet radio through xmms. Help would be much appreciated. Just want to know if there is a way to listen to it. Thanks

    P.S. How do you pronounce Linux???? is the "i" long or short???

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    It is CFM

    K so I Checked the link of "listen live" and it is I tried to open this in xmms, and it connects and quickly does something like buffer it or something in like under a second and then stops or moves onto the next song in the playlist. Not sure if it matters, just thought you would like to know

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    Me again

    K so i just realize the .cfm is a page and not a stream. Also when i click the link to view the page, i get error message "Your OS is not supported - We will send the stream through your browser which may play the file" or something along those lines. Im thinking that if i can get a plugin for my browser, or find the stream url to play in real player or xmms, i will be allright. please help!


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