Using the multimedia package for latex I can include videos in my slides like this:

\movie[width=5cm,height=5cm, showcontrols=true, poster]{Function}{myvideo.mpg}

I have to encode the video with the msmpeg4 codec because I will be giving the presentation on a windows machine using adobe acrobat reader. However, when "testing" the presentation I am using Fedora. Kpdf doesn't seem to play the media at all, and Acrobat Reader for linux keeps saying "the media requires an additional player" (clearly some kind of codec problem). Is there a pdf viewer that will play my msmpeg4 encoded files (using mplayer or something?)

I looked in "help->plugins" in acrobat reader and it seems to think the "multimedia plugin" is installed (whatever that is supposed to do).

Please let me know if you have faced the same problem!