Hi guys. I am a new poster, but not a new linux user. My problem is in two parts

1) I try to run various commands on mysql(just installed it from mandriva 2007.1 dics. Including resetting passwordZ( something like mysql -u root (i have donme the whoile command from Fedora Myth(TV)ology :: HOWTO.

I have looked on mandriva specific pages as well. Nothing I do lets me connect top mysql server(message points this out).

2)Because of this, I cannot store values for passwoerd/etc(so i can use mythtv )to set up my card(FusionHDTV DVB-T Lite). It comes up withn this message in the terminal when i do sudo mythtv-setup and the same window comes up over and over(whether i use mythtv-setup(or mythtv -frontend.

I know that linux kernel has drivers. I have tried before on older versions of mandriva, would get the same mysql error. On ubuntu(last i tried was 6.06) and fedora(lkast one was fc6), I know I got it to wrok(got to menu for card setup, channel setup etc.

NOW my desperate question is HOW DO I MAKE MYSQL ACCESSIBLWE?.. I know other distros make it just work. I don't want to change to another distro. I know that sql should be connecting, .

I was told on one forum to do sudo mythtv-setup. It does not chsnge the problem even after a system refresh.

If not, I can reuse my /home and install ubuntu(i guess(more likely suse, and be done with it.