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    Recommendations for extremely simple photo editing/printing application?

    I have a computer set up with linux for my mom to use to read her e-mail and browse the web. The good news is that while I was away at school for a year, she hasn't called me once to fix this computer. My dad, on the other hand uses Windows. He calls me at least twice every month. The problem is that my mom knows nearly nothing about how to use a computer. I would like to install a photo editing/printing application on her computer that does basic corrections like cropping and color adjustment, but is very easy to use. Can anyone recommend such a program?

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    Gimp is de de-facto standard for photo editing in linux.

    It's not the easiest to use, however. Kolourpaint is simple, maybe a bit of step ahed of the Windows paint program. You can try krita for photo editing, I think that it will fit her better.

    And I absolutely recommend inkscape for vector drawing.

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    gwenview has a basic set of photo editing tools, it's easy to use and works fast with huge collections...

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    I still recommend GIMP, for me it was not that hard to learn how to use it. It's also the most common app in Linux for photo editing and it comes in any popular distro...

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    You can try GNU paint anyway.

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