Hi, I hope this is in the right spot. anyway, i am running clusterknoppix from my hard drive and am trying to set up a cluster. I have 2 computers running that both are networked through a router. when i type 'tyd' to start the openmosix service, i get the error "Unable to initialize openmosix. exiting." I am following directions from this site:
Craft a load-balancing cluster with ClusterKnoppix
it tells me to use "setpe -off", but that kills openmosix, which i dont want.

The only lead i have on this error that i am getting is that i found the source code for it, so if anyone can tell me what generates that error, then i would assume that is my problem. here is the link for the code:

libmidnightcode-0.2/libmidnightcode/tyd.c - Google Code Search

it is from the file tyd.c. The error i am getting is at line 989.

I have been posting on linuxquestions.net and haven't been able to get a lot of help. Anything at all would be great.