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    XP compatible programs?

    Hi. I've just joined the forum because I'm intending to buy the new ASUS eee PC 900. I'd like the Linux version, but first need to know if there is a Linux compatible program that will open MS Publisher files and allow me to work on them.

    Also, I compose piano music and if anyone knows a simple composition program that will display the sheet music on the screen and allow me to connect my laptop to my MIDI keyboard, I'd be most appreciative to hear about it.

    Many thanks,


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    I am sure OpenOffice have a tool for publishing! But you can use this for publisher and for the music this is a good choice!
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    Welcome to the forums!

    If you end up having to use Windows programs, try WINE, or CrossOver to get them working under Linux.

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    Try scribus. I think it does not open native MS Publisher files, but it supports other file formats that may fit your needs.

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    XP compatible programs

    Hi, I am probably piling on but TEX is a commonly supplied application with distros that is widely used in the publishing industry, though this won't likely help with M$ products but don't you intend to get away from XP?.
    I found this site:
    Free software for composers, by The Linux Information Project (LINFO)
    with a quick Google search using "linux sheet music display use midi" keywords. You can probably do better by refining it. Note use your words linux, midi, music.
    You might look into KDE, one of many window managers for Linux which greatly simplify through the use of icons, images, buttons and sliders. They seem to have a bend in the music area.
    Hope you enjoy the new mobo, be sure you get the fastest cpu you can afford especially if you are doing commercial work.

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