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Thread: CPU info off?

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    CPU info off?


    I'm running an IBM Thinkpad 600X with 750Mhz processor on Linux Mint (I'm working on slimming it down a bit). But one thing I've noticed is that the CPU frequency is listed incorrectly (I hope). Its listed under cat /proc/cpuinfo is coming up at 166.5... I really hope thats not right. I'm using cpufreqd to control speedstepping, and I can surf the net fine and play a DVD fine but I'm curious whether this is just an error in acpi or something.

    I had some trouble getting the processor functioning properly (it was very spotty before installing cpufreqd), so its something I'd like to keep track of until I know its working properly.


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    the processor runs at that speed and is multiplied. I have noticed in my experience with many many systems, some processors show this base value for various (unknown to me) reasons. assuming this is the case, you are fine.

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