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    if you want all of them together "clients" try to download from


    kind of like trillian for linux, ONE STOP SHOP FOR AIM, MSN, ICQ, YAHOO ETC....

    have fun, I think is in tarball format

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    GAIM handles all those protocols, as well.
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    I think Gaim is the best way to go for any multi-client chat program on Linux, and yes .. the newest version is very nice and easy to install. Plus as someone said already, Gaim comes with MOST distros I've seen. so if possible, just install it straight from your distro's cd or however you installed your linux. I myself use Redhat, so all my stuff is a little easier to use thanks to rpm's and everything, but i still prefer to do it the long way and use tarball files and .bz2 files. but thats just me. to recap .. .Gaim = great program, simply put.
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    The reason you don't hear much about AIM in linux is because....right now it's in version 1.5 and it's got no where near the features it should have or that gaim has. YOu can check it out Here

    Edit: If you haven't seen it yet, gaim 0.65 just came out yesterday. Here

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