Ok I have a strange problem - maybe someone can help

I am running Adobe After Effects 6 on Several Windows XP machines and MAc OSX machines.

These Store Files on a RedHat File Server -

We are having trouble trying to Import files into the XP machines from the Linux server directly into After Effects.

Particually .PIC files and .Tiff files - (sequences mainly)

When we access the same folder on the file server from the Macs these read that they are .PIC sequences straight away , however when we access it from a Windows machine they cannot identify the file type nd therefore do not give us the option to import as a sequence.

First we thought it was a problem with the actual files however -

If we move the same folder with the .Pic Sequence to another XP machine - then another XP machine running After effects can import and recognises the file type straight away.
If we move that same folder to a mac machine and try to read it from a mac - we efefctivly get the same problem - that after effects cannot see the filetype and therefore cannot import it as a sequence.

The macs can read the filetype from other macs/the linux server and the XP machines.

We have come to the conclusion that it is how the XP mchines are passed the file type information from the linux server...(we think)

Therefore we really need to know how to make the server pass out the specific file types (kind of like where you add the filetypes in window)

Please Help we are deperate