First: I'm an absolute newbie at Linux. I have thought of trying it some times, but it has stopped there all the times.

Second: Sorry for my terrible English, hopes you at least get my main information/questions.

Third: I don't now if this was the correct subforum to post this. If it wasn't the mods are of course free to transfer it.

So to the topic:
I have revently bought a NAS disk, more presicly the Synology DS207+.

At my computers does I use Foldershare to sync my files amoung about 5 different computers. Before I bought the NAS disk did I use an old computer as the server. Even having the server I need to use foldershare because of to laptops and a computer standing in my parents house. So I need an application syncing over the internet (not just LAN).

The server make sure that the 2-3 computers in my apartement just have the files one place (easier to work with), it runs the backup and it is always powered on. All this features does the NAS disk now do. So fare, so good with the NAS disk.

The problem arise because there is no suport for foldershare in the management for the NAS disk. To make sure that I have the correct versions of the files when using the computers in the apartement and mainly FOR BACKUP FILES FROM ALL MY COMPUTERS have I set up a little system with another sync application. That application makes sure that it syncs the same folders as the foldershare folders to the server. So when I change/add/delete a file e.g. at one of my laptop does FS sync that to all my computers and then does this other sync application sync the file from a desktop computer and to the server (wich in turn take a backup next night). So the backup runs good. No problem there either.

The main problem is that the computer syncing to the NAS disk isn't always powered on. That means that even thought the NAS disk is always powered on will the syncing stop from time to time. Because all "workstation computers" are sometimes powered off. And pretty often is they ALL powered off at the same time (e.g. when traveling from work to home). And then will a not get the file before next day... Specialy that I sync a few files with other people does make this a big problem for me.

I have used much text to explain this but here is the important questions:

1. There is a possibility to add third-party application at the NAS disk. But the NAS is running at Linux and foldershare have no Linuxversion. See some information about third-party application here (e.g. some information about what platform the NAS is running).

Is there anyone here who have tried FS at Linux? Is there at all any reason for me to try?
(Or have anyone heard about a "fixed" Linuxversion of FS?)

2. Given that the answer to question 1 is yes: Is there anyone here who wan'ts to help med understand that third-party PDF document? Specially have I, as a newbie at Linux, pretty big problems with understanding the "compiling and application" chapther.

3. Using another application than FS is also a possibility but then I have some "demands":

  • Easy to use.
  • Pretty secure.
  • Must work on Windows (XP) as well as Linux.
  • Live syncing.
  • Free or at least not to expensive.

I have allthough used FS for a while and I'm starting to feel pretty secure in that application. So as fare as possible does I wan't to keep using it.

Thanks for all help! I realy does appreciate it!

- Amund