The "scp" command searches for "ssh" in predefined /usr/bin/ssh.

-> The following rpm files are responsible for shipping "scp" and "ssh" related files
on Linux:

- openssh-4.3p2-26.el5.i386.rpm
- openssh-clients-4.3p2-26.el5.i386.rpm
- openssh-askpass-4.3p2-26.el5.i386.rpm
- openssh-server-4.3p2-26.el5.i386.rpm

By default these rpm files install the "scp" and "ssh" files in /usr/bin/ssh. So, the "scp" command always searches for ssh in /usr/bin.

But a different step was taken to relocate the install path from /usr/bin to /usr/sbin.

These rpm's were installed with relocate install option to /usr/sbin. For example,

- rpm -i --relocate /usr/bin=/usr/sbin openssh-4.3p2-26.el5.i386.rpm

Still, scp command fails as it still searches for ssh in /usr/bin.

It looks like the scp command has predifined hardcoded value of /usr/bin/ssh and the

relocate install option is of no use with scp.

Where should I post this bug or any alternative is available.