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Thread: Word Processor

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    Word Processor

    Hi everyone, where can I find a CLI WORD PROCESSOR?

    is it so hard to find those? I've been trying forever! I had one on MS_DOS it was called MS Works! Now really is there no word processor for the command line in linux? I also had back then the Word Perfect. and it worked "perfectly"!

    don't come to me with those e-macs theories, they are nothing like CLI Word Perfect. Where can I find one? Google gave me nothing!!!

    Thank you

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    I dabbled with Antiword a bit as it has been purported to also have the capabilities of a straight CLI word processor but it seemed rather challenging to make it useful. Other than that, I don't know.

    You're right. You'd think there'd be a good user friendly command line word processor for Linux. I for one would welcome it. I've intended to experiment with some of the old DOS word processors under DosBox. Maybe now's the time for me to do that.

    Sorry I couldn't help you.

    EDIT: Hey, look what I found! WPDOS - WP Under Linux
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    I think a lot of people use the old dos wordperfect under linux, I suppose via dosemu or dosbox. It should work without too mucho trouble.

    If you are willing to learn something new, the *nix way is plain text + latex.

    Either way should work, it just depends on your tastes. Probably the latex stuff is more versatile, though I am not that wise when it comes to office stuff, my word processing needs are rarely needed for anything but trivial stuff.


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