Our rtpDir group would like to announce a Linux based bridge software
that brings together *Asterisk*, IRLP and Echolink VoIP networks.
Some of the rtpDir bridge v1.31 features:

Accepts *Asterisk*/app_rpt, IRLP and Echolink connections.
Can transmit to *Asterisk*,IRLP,Echolink using computer mic or radio.
Graphical environment, simple point & click.
Protocol conversion between IRLP, Echolink and *Asterisk*/app_rpt
Mark a station as "Mute", "Deaf" or "Mute and Deaf".
Timeouts for login, download, connection.
Activity reporting.
Audio recording and playback.
Runs as server or client.
Interfaces with external scripts.
Runs with or without a soundcard.
Audio signal strength indicator.

For more info:
rtpDir : rtpDir_bridge_EchoLink_IRLP_*Asterisk*