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    Bootable ISO images

    I need to burn copies of bootable cd's to .iso images for storage on a data server.
    the command mkisofs -r -J -o <outputfile.iso> /mnt/cdrom was used to make the images which work fine except they no longer boot. The original cd boots without a problem but when using cdrecord -speed=8 dev=1,0,0 <imagefile.iso> it will not boot. The rest of the disk works fine.

    Compaq d510
    512mb Ram
    80Gb hdd
    Redhat 9.0
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    There is one very solution to this:
    cat /dev/cdrom >copy.iso
    If you want to use mkisofs, however, you'll need to specify which boot image for the El Torito CD booting scheme. The boot image file is usually called boot.img or something like that. I'm sure you'll find it. Specify the path to it with the -b option to mkisofs. Note that it will have to the path on the CD, not the path on your Linux VFS.

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    If that doesnt work look at this site. under forum

    And then info sites, and then the post of mondo-mindi Linux system restore. That workes BIGTIME for me in a production enviroment. I schedule a iso-program twice a week and saves thoose centrelized. It took me 20 minutes to restore a production system to point of time, and then i include the time i took to burn my cd-iso. Impresive..





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