I wanted a simple GPSutility to download, edit etc data from my GPS. I downloaded GPSman and installed it. I cant get any connection to my Garmin Geko 201. It seems like the GPS is found at /dev/ttyUSB0. I think so because this device is updated (time stamp) when I connect the GPS.

I have found some information about a special driver I need.

"Support for the Garmin USB protocol needs a Linux kernel with the garmin_gps kernel driver which is part of the official kernels since version 2.6.11. WARNING: some recent Garmin receivers will need at least version 0.28 of this driver. To include the driver when compiling a custom kernel the option under "USB support", "USB Serial Converter support", "Garmin GPS driver" in the kernel configuration interface should be checked. The name of this option is USB_SERIAL_GARMIN."

I have download the driver "garmin_gps-0.32" but I cant install it since I don't know what the <kernel-source-dir> should be.

It's probably almost 10 years ago since I used Linux at home and now I feel like a complete newbie again.... Can someone help me out on this one.

Im using Ubunto 8.04.

Peter P.