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    is it possible to extract gz files out of a single file?


    Because of a misuse of the gzip-command, several files from subfolders where written into one single file:
    gzip -rvc -1 /destination/folder/* > /target/folder/output.gz
    Is it now possible to extract these single gz-files, that were written appendingly bit by bit, e.g. with "sed"? Is there a specific byte sequence like "EOF" in txt-files that can be used for determination if a "new" gz-file begins?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Using ghex, I figured out that every gz-file starts with the byte-combination "1F 8B 08 08".
    Several "random" bytes are following, then the original file name is printed as plain text. A gz-file stops with "00".

    What possibilities do I have to get my single gz-files back?
    What would be appropriate sed options (for example: "put everything between two "1F 8B 08 08" in a new file and add "1F 8B 08 08" at the beginning?


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    hi viraul,

    i don't think sed is the tool you want because it's text oriented as well as line oriented -- your binary date has neither text nor lines.

    you need a splitting tool for binary data, but i couldn't find any with a quick googling.

    the second post in this thread has some python code to do what you want, but it's not ready to use.

    cheers, kai

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    The gnome file roller

    if you are using GNOME then the file roller might the thing to use.
    It should be to get one file out the archive.


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