i have an external 5:1 creative sound system which is connected to an creativee amplifier. the amplifier is connected to the computer using an USB cable.

i do have different problems related to this configuration

here i detail one of the problems

my flash plugin i installed on my machine sends sound output to laptop speakers instead of the USB connected external speakers. In preferences->sound, i have manually changed them to USB audio for sound playback ( sound events, music and video ). but i do not really know how to make my firefox flash plugin to output sound to USB audio instead of laptop internal speakers..

i was searching for related threads in the forum, i found one related to USB headphones but there was not a solution. i thought the output of this command may be useful in helping me out on this issue. thank you

rag@rag-laptop:~$ sudo asoundconf list
Please note that you are attempting to run asoundconf as a privileged superuser, which may have unintended consequences.

Names of available sound cards:

please let me know if you need any more information.