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Thread: Firefox Problem

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    Firefox Problem

    I have a problem with my newly installed Firefox browser 0.9.3 on Fedora 2.

    Everything went smooth and I even installed Flash but now my question is that when I have one session of Firefox open , I can minimize that browser page and open up an email that has a new URL in it - I select the URL & expect to see a new Firefox browser page open with the requested URL opening.

    What I get instead is a window from Firefox that asks me what profile I want to select - all I see is a default profile and I am unable to select that to open a 2nd page of firefox. I don't know if Firefox is getting confused that now the email application is calling for it or what?

    I can just again click the Firefox shortcut on my desktop as many times as I want to open multiple sessions of pages like IE but only when I use the email link from my email do I get this.

    I made sure that in GNOME my prefered application browser is Firefox.

    Can someone help me fix this issue - is it a known bug with Linux? I can't find anything so I came here for some help

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    This script should remedy the problem:
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/firefox
    # get URL to load
    url=$1; [ -z $url ] && url=about:blank
    # try xremote first
    ~/firefox/mozilla-xremote-client openURL\($url,new-tab\) && exit 0
    # if xremote failed, then launch the browser
    exec /usr/bin/artsdsp ~/firefox/firefox $url
    Change "~/firefox" to the location where you installed it and do "chmod a+x script_name" to make it executable. I use this script in every place firefox is necessary (so I guess you should put path to it in place of plain firefox in Gnome config). Optionally, change new-tab to new-window so that new windows appear instead of new tabs. Hope this helps, best regards.
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