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    Bit torrent for Linux

    Does anybody know any decent bit torrent clients for Linux? Preferably with a GUI, or are there only command line ones out there?
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    Here is the one I use. It has a curses interface for single and many torrents and a gui for single torrents.
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    im back to using azureus, about the only downside is youll need to install java runtime environment first... sun's j2re works fine

    abc is ok, but the linux version hasnt been updated in months so its lacking a lot of features found in the windows version

    bittornado is ok, but it doesnt allow you to set a global ul/dl max... hell, even the per-torrent max doesnt work for me w/ the newest version

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    I use azureus when leeching more than one file and bittornado on the command line if it's just one or two (java under linux sucks. azureus and a few d/ls brings my Athlon 1800 to its knees while it is barely noticable under Windows)

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    Hey what is wrong with my Azureus? I can open it okay but after about five seconds it closes down.

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    Run it from a terminal, and watch for error messages after it quits. Post them here.

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    try as root check in /var/log/messages with an the errors

    tail /var/log/messages
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    guys are i am using the windows version of abc on wine in linux works like a charm it downloads faster than in windows

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