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    Question versioning information for a linux dll


    I have a simple question on linux dlls.

    As everyone knows, we can specify the versioning information like product name, company name, major and minor numbers for any Microsoft Windows library we can generate. This is done by including a resource file compiled into the dll.

    I just want to know whether this is possible for dlls in linux.

    I have an application where I am using several libraries by several vendors. I want my application to show to the user the information of all the libraries in the system. Thats the reason I am posting this query. If it is possible in linux, I just can iterate through all the libraries and get the information if any APIs exist.

    Waiting for a response..

    Thanks for your help!

    Thanks and Regards,

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    linux doesn't use dll files (.dll), it uses shared object files (.so)

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    I have many .dll, .sl and .so files in my project which is based in linux.

    And moreover, I don't really bother about the file extension. I just want to know if we can include version information to the library.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    If those are windows dll what you are using for some odd reason (like the ones that mplayer uses) then you should be able to include the info just like you do in windows (it's been about 8 years that I haven't touched windows programming, so don't ask me how).

    If they are standard ELF .so files with another extension just because you like to do it that way (I can think of no reason to do this, other than causing confusion to say the least) then I don't know if there's any standarised way to put metainfo embeded on the file, though you can certainly take the version numbers from the file names.

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