I am new to Linux but learning lots. I am looking to use wget to copy files from one source to another. Eventually I want to save this as a script and run it as a cron job but first things first....

I have found some code which I am trying to adapt for my needs but I'm a bit stuck despite my research.

The code I've found is:
wget -q -m -r -nH --cut-dirs=1 --directory-prefix=/public/tommy/ --level=4 FTP:// >>/public/wgettom.log && chmod -R 757 /public/tommy

I want to copy files from FTP:// (ideally with the option of excluding subdirectories) to /mnt/Disk1/share/CopyFiles

so breaking the code above into bite size chunks
the beginning [wget -q -m -r -nH] stays the same
and I think the end changes to [FTP:// >>/mnt/Disk1/share/wgettomm.log && chmod -R 757 /mnt/Disk1/share/CopyFiles]

but I'm confused by the bit in the middle

--cut-dirs=1 I don't quite understand what effect this has. Is it necessary and will it work with the changes I've made?

--directory-prefix=/mnt/Disk1/share/CopyFiles/ I think this means nothing will be copied to a directory higher than CopyFiles. Is that correct?

--level=4 Does this mean anything in the first 4 levels of subdirectories of FTP:// will be saved in /mnt/Disk1/share/CopyFiles or is it something else altogether?

I hope I'm on the right lines here but as you will have seen I need some help so I would be really grateful for advice on how to put this code together to fit my file locations etc.

Many thanks