Got Super Karamber, and now the NEXT step is to install it... which is proving to be a head muddle... it is saying in it's FAQ file to get Python, so i went to the python page, and it said i can have the binary (which to a newbie sounds scary) or the RPM... i know RPM sometimes means good so i got it... it said something about Fedora Core, so i'm now assuming it won't work on Suse... (seeing as i clicked on it, and said "install with YAST" and nothing happened) Well it didn't appear to, is there something else i have to do?

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO now i have a problem, how do i get Python to work on Suse 9.1, or indeed is there a different version of Python, or perhaps a version of SOMETHING to pretend it's python???... and then assuming it will be "easy" *cough COUGH* to install Karamber...

IS EVERYONE who is new to Linux this confused???

terribly confused!!! But cheers for your help guys