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Thread: edit toprc file

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    edit toprc file

    Hi all,

    Am wondering that how to edit the toprc file., actually i googled for some reference about it...

    do anyone have reference for it. I need to understand, and edit the toprc file for my wish.

    I know we can do W while seeing the top output, and it would create the toprc file, but is there any guide to understand about the toprc format, and for editing.

    Actually my requirement is top shows only the first 8 characters of the user name, but i wanted it to edit to 12. How can i do ??

    Any reference will be appreciated.

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    Did you check the man page for the options available to you?

    man top
    Check this page, too:
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    First, when in top, press "W" so that top saves the file - it may not exist

    It should consist of two lines. The default may be something like:


    In the first line you specify what is displayed and the letters are the same as explained in man page and in help

    o A - PID - process id
    o D - USER username
    o H - PRI piority
    o I - NI nice value
    o M - SIZE size, virtual image
    o T - RSS Resident set size
    o P - SHARE share pages
    o V - process status
    o W - TIME
    o E - CPU? (not sure)
    o F - Mem? (not sure)

    In the second line you specify the behavior of top. In the example

    o [number] - how many seconds for refresh, standard is 5
    o c - show command line
    o i ignore zombie processes

    Hope that helps


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