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    Question yahoo games crash firefox

    Hey all. I have just downloaded Mandriva 2009 free. Equipment is... ITX 10000M mobo 1 gig processor, 1 gig kingston memory, 40 gig seagate HDD, Liteon combo drive. Everything works fine no issues with hotmail or yahoo mail ,nor any sites I use. Just yahoo games. I use Bookworm and Crossword, when these apps try to open, Firefox crashes taking all Firefox windows to oblivion. Btw was at one of the funny flash sites and that played fine. Oh mighty Mandriva magicians pray tell, have you any spells for me?

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    Run firefox from terminal and post the error it spits out when it crashes
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    Here is the printout

    [bill@localhost ~]$ firefox
    ICEDTEA PLUGIN: Factory::IcedTeaPluginFactory
    ICEDTEA PLUGIN: Factory::IcedTeaPluginFactory return
    ICEDTEA PLUGIN: Factory::Initialize
    ICEDTEA PLUGIN: Factory::Initialize: using /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.6.0-openjdk-
    ICEDTEA PLUGIN: get component manager
    ICEDTEA PLUGIN: liveconnect
    ICEDTEA PLUGIN: create server socket Error: socket init
    ICEDTEA PLUGIN: Factory::Initialize return
    ICEDTEA PLUGIN: Factory::CreateSecureEnv
    ICEDTEA PLUGIN: JNIEnv::IcedTeaJNIEnv return
    ICEDTEA PLUGIN: Factory::CreateSecureEnv return
    ICEDTEA PLUGIN: Factory::CreateInstance
    ICEDTEA PLUGIN: Instance::IcedTeaPluginInstance
    ICEDTEA PLUGIN: Instance::IcedTeaPluginInstance return
    ICEDTEA PLUGIN: Factory::CreateInstance return
    ICEDTEA PLUGIN: Instance::Initialize
    ICEDTEA PLUGIN: Instance::SendMessageToAppletViewer
    Segmentation fault

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    Same problem here with other pages. Please report to

    Bug 275 - Java applet page crashes Firefox 3.0.5

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