I have some toruble with a XEN Virtualization.
I was install XEN into CentOS .2 x86_64 (kernel 2.6.18-92.1.18.el5xen). CPU XEON 5xxx QUAD, use software RAID6-mirror.
When I try install a guest-system (domU - CentOS Linux 5.2 from Yandex HTTP mirror) with virt-install util., formating virtual HDD was very slow (about 10 hrs).
As virtual HDD was used RAW-file (/vm/vm01.img). Please, help me with solve this trouble. Make new physical HDD-partition is not allow because this server is used more users.
So I'm don't find what may be turn-on VMX-support work. Command #xm dmesg | grep VMX is result:
VMX disabled by Feature Control MSR
Thanks, Dmitry.