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    Creating X user as root user


    can any one explain the procedure to create x user as root user in red hat linux.


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    What do you mean create an X user? You can log into X as root at any time (although this is highly, highly, HIGHLY not recommended) using the same credentials you use to log into a terminal.

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    Logging in to linux system as root user rather than as root

    what i mean was i want to log in to the linux as a root user which i created rather than logging in to it as that i can execute all commands and operations by this user rather than from root user.if i can do it what are the ways of doing it
    one way i tried was by adding

    Poorna ALL = (ALL) ALL

    in vi sudoers which is present in /etc folder.but i failed to execute the commands like useradd,userdel...etc.


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    So you just want to log into another account that you created? If so, run
    su username
    Replace username with the account you want to log into.

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    i want to create a user as root user in linux .so that i can create accounts in linux using sun identity manager by using this user rather than logging in as root.


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    To create a user, run as root (either by running it while logged into the root account, or by putting sudo in front of the first command):
    adduser username
    where username is the user you want to create. If you want this user to have the exact same level of access as root, then you're out of luck. The only user that has full access to the system at all times is root. As far as I know, you can't create another user like this. All other users must run a command with sudo in order to gain temporary full access to the system.

    I'm sorry if this isn't what you're looking for. I'm trying to understand what it is you want as best I can.

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