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Thread: media library?

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    to wine? wine is not a media player, its a program which allows you to run win32 execs on linux, so i guess you could use wine to use winamp. but there are many good multimedia players out there:
    and countless others
    just google them, and you'll be set

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    I'm already using mplayer and occasionally xmms (I don't use X generally )

    I just wanted to see winamp on linux. following variant's post I googled for the same and the results pointed me on how to use winamp with wine.BTW I already tried it and failed.

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    I found nothing on the WinAmp site, but I did find this RPM.

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    Might be useful

    A bit off topic though;'

    Useful for a prog with a library.

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    I'm looking for the same refuge for music junkies. I just converted to
    the bright side of open sauce, and it stupefies me that the Linux doesn't have a prominent music/media player equivalent and similar to Winamp.

    Allright, I did some research: (this Comparison of media players Wiki came in very handy)

    - Winamp, native on Linux: from what I know, I'd forget it. But don't think you'll have to abandon it and it's comforting Library and Bento skin. Running it in Wine seems like a disaster. From my personal and other user's experiences I've read about, it rarely works (only a few specific versions), and if it does, it's still got all kinds of defects.

    There is a prehistorical Linux alpha yes, but considering it's support I'd rather go for an alternative with an vivid community, updates and support.

    In my opinion there is a solution, though. I'll still keep looking for/looking ahead to the day that there is a native Linux media player with a sophisticated library and a broad community/support. For now I'll probably stick with running Winamp in VirtualBox. It's not ideal, but it turned out to work much better then I expected. Wine may provide better performance in some situations, but even on my 1 core Athlon 64 Winamp that isn't able to provide the virtualization hardware assist that all current CPU's can, it runs flawless and very smooth when I give the process some extra priority (35% CPU load average).

    These below are some native Linux media/music player that have a library. The problem with these is that you'll library will be out of sync and that the path's in the playlist files are different in Linux then Windows. I can imagine that the first problem could be solved if with a simple plugin that provides the functionality to read/write the Winamp library, or other media library file that you'd have to get Winamp to read/write from. The latter you maybe could overcome by the use of environment variables.

    - XMMS: The media library plugin is unfortunately very meager and probably doesn't cut it for the most of us. Now XMMS2 looks very promising I think.

    From the Wiki: "XMMS2 borrows concepts from XMMS-era music players, such as playback control, a playlist, plugins, user-configurable GUI, and adds features that were starting to appear in media players around 2001 and 2002, such as a Media library and a Client-server based media player."

    Zomg, the concept of a media library has been around for 7 years, it's became wildly popular and only now they start incorporating it in one of the most popular Linux music players? Is there something fundamentally different in the needs of Linux users?

    Anyway, apparently it's been designed with an sophisticated sqlite DB driven library (so I guess it'll be able to handle a library of several thousands of tracks pretty well), and it looks like they are closing in on completion. Only thing missing is ratings, but then again, if this one hits, that'll all be supplemented by the community in the form of plugins etc.

    - Exaile. An average music player with a library.

    - Snowbird. Web based, and would be a plus if you'd like to keep your library synchronized between Windows and Ubuntu.

    All I know so far.


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