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    I have a strange problem here. I had configured and exported PKG_CONFIG_PATH on my pc and I am using `pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-2.0` for compiling my code.
    Everything worked fine untill I had to add libgnomecanvas path to the existing PKG_CONFIG_PATH. So I decided to check the original PKG_CONFIG_PATH [a sanity check] before I modify it. But I cannot find the existing PKG_CONFIG_PATH in env & echo $PKG_CONFIG_PATH returns NULL. But strangely the code compiles
    So where is the PKG_CONFIG_PATH I had set?

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    If you type env at the prompt what do you have ?

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    I get list of all paths except PKG_CONFIG_PATH

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    try this
    env | more
    check carefully if you have something that looks like PKG_CONFIG_PATH.
    if yes, perhaps you have mistyped
    if no then
    { the variable PKG_CONFIG_PATH have not been exported;
    check your reference manual to know how to export it;

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    I tried exporting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH. But now I am not able to compile the code which I previous could. I dont know what export has done to this path.

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