Hey all, I was using word 2007 to write a document this weekend, I think its a quality piece of software with features coming out of its ears.

I then installed Abiword. I really like it, its so lightweight and excellently built. What I would like to see though is this idea pushed forward.

It would be good if you could take the really nice elements of word 2007 and put then into a lghtweight gtk app like abiword. I htink we all agree that word has too many features for the average user. Its a great app for kids homework or letter writing or the like. If we can make this into a killer app, but for what it's good at, I think it can really push the Linux case.

I'm talking templates galore. Hundreds of them. for different uses, using great graphics and layouts. Good graphics handling. Think Picasa 3... obviously not as advanced. But that kind of interaction. We'd want everything to be as intuitive as possible.

One thing that I think is nice in word 07 are the smartart templates. If that is possible to do in abiword, i think its a must.

Of course there is OOo, but thats to cater to a different audience. It's too heavy.

What are your thoughts?