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    TightVNC suddenly stopped connecting.

    I've been using TightVNC to access my headless server for a few months now. Tonight I edited the fstab in another attempt to get a drive to auto mount and installed some updates. When I rebooted, TightVNC all of a sudden decided it didn't want to connect to the server anymore.
    Port is set to 5900. I logged into my router and forwarded that port to my server's ip address. McAfee has TightVNC with full access permissions. It doesn't appear that anything has changed.
    I can still access the server just fine using putty.
    I've rebooted the server and the laptop I'm trying to access it from twice and no luck.
    Can anyone help me out?

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    this is e idea wan you changed the fstab than McAfee sees it like e other system maybe you need to reset permissions for McAfee ?? also scan if the pord 5900 is stile open on your server and router.
    other question dos your fstab work good on the server is the mount wreath
    so not this good by e very touchy thing for your server.

    Good luck

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    sorry for my English just learning

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    How do I scan to see if the port is open?

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    If jou scan in windows you can juse "look add lan"
    from linux it is "network tools" menu system-management -networktools i think in dutch it's named netwerkhulpmiddelen. scan IP for open ports extern to your ISP IP thats the IP from your internet modem intern you scan the IP of your server. result you wil now that the your router will have port 5900 open and your tightvncserver opens up the port on your local machine.

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    edited the fstab in another attempt to get a drive to auto mount and installed some updates
    What were the updates?

    Are you sure that vncserver is running?
    Did you try killing vncserver and restarting it?
    Have you tried using tightvnc from a workstation on the same LAN?
    Is a firewall running on the linux server? If so, port open for vncserver?

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    I ended up nixing the whole thing. I picked up a good deal on a KVM switch this weekend at a Circuit City while I was in Alabama. I don't need the VNC anymore. It will be uninstalled shortly.
    I am, however, having a small problem with the linux box over the KVM, but that's for another thread.
    Thanks for your help anyway!

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