I could use some help. I am trying to record tv shows using steamer. I have everything working the way i want, but the recorded picture quality is very poor. I have tried turning on de-interlacing in xawtv and in tvtime, which have made the quality excellent for viewing live TV, but my recordings still look pretty bad. Is there a way to clean this up? Here is an example script I run to record.

streamer -t 0:05 -s 640x480 -r 24 -q -o video.avi -f mjpeg -R 48000 -F stereo

Then I convert it to mpg:

lav2wav +p video.avi | mp3enc -o audio.mp2
lav2yuv +p video.avi | mpeg2enc -o video.m1v
mplex audio.mp2 video.m1v -o video.mpg
rm audio.mp2
rm video.m1v
rm video.avi

and the resulting video.mpg is watchable, but not TV quality by any means. It looks like xawtv did before I turned on de-interlacing and fast moving objects seem to leave a fuzzy trail behind them.

Please help, and please do not suggest that I use MythTV or Freevo, I am not interested in that type of solution. Thanks!