I want to load firefox symbols in TRACE32 JTAG debugger.

I compiled my application in server with bitbake for arm based board,
and copied complete source into my local machine( fedora). I am trying
to load my elf symbols ( checked with nm ,it contains symbols) into
lauterbach TRACE32 debugger through my cmm file.
ARM Omap3 board is already loaded with kernel symbols, which I can list
( but it is compiled on my local machine).

I am able to hit breakpoint when i list source it shows assembly,
symbol list does not contain any of my elf symbols

I tried different combination for strippart but no use

if i cross compile some other application like Gnash in some other
machine ( with normal make command) I can load those symbols, but if
it is compiled through bitbake , I am not able to load those symbols.

can any one help me in this.

server elf path is


if run()

b.set set_binfmt /onchip

wait !run()


d.load.elf /home/reshma/firefox-3.0.1-r6/mozilla/browser/app/firefox-
bin &spaceid:0x0 /gnu /nocode /noclear /strippart 8. /path "/home/

b.delete /all

b.set main+4 /onchip