I've been trying to think of a way to alert myself of a new message, so that when i'm not in the pork screen, I'll get notified.

some ideas I had:
1) set up an event handler that runs the command 'wall message received', but I couldn't get it to work in pork (by adding 'event add RECV_IM run_cmd('wall message received')'), and I think that even if it did work, it'd be annoying to have that message show up on every terminal (including pork's) for every message received (not just unread ones).
2) system beep -- this would also be annoying to get for every message received, but I also set it to not beep in my .zshrc file, and I don't no how to make it an exception (and I hate getting beeps in the usual scenarios).

Any ideas or solutions from anyone?