I've been using newsgroups for many years and, in the past, have always had a multitude of winblows apps to choose from. I've been using Linux for a number of years and have only ever seen a small list of newsreaders that can not only read messages, but can download attachments, assemble yenc files, et cetera. The best I've found for this is BNR2, which I've been using for a number of years (and also has not been updated for a number of years). BNR2 does not post post to newsgroups at all. When I want to post large files, yenc files, or multi-part files, I find myself resorting to some awful winblows software under wine.

BNR2 seems to have a major flaw in database handling/management - as I've run it with many configurations on many distributions. If the app ever crashes or hangs for ANY reason, the next time BNR2 launches I get an error 'Cannot Open Database'. It's a simple fix to delete the database and let the software create a new one, but then I spend the next hour downloading hundreds of thousands of old headers and sorting out the old posts and reassembling the download queue.

I am desperate to find a more stable alternative. Something stable with a clean and simple GUI, that can assemble multi-part and yenc posts, and can sort downloads to varying directories automatically. The ability to post is a plus, but not required.

I'd really like to see an update to BNR2, but I'm tired of waiting for what looks like a dead project.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!