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    Pidgin - I cannot use my B key, PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hey Guys

    Wasn't sure where to post this.

    I've just recently switched in Ubuntu 8.04. Loving it a lot. Just wish i could get my external monitor to full widescreen.

    ANYWHO...i am using pidgin for IM and about 5 days ago, my B button stopped working when i am typing messages. Now it only controls the toggle for logging on/off.

    This is driving me crazy, i use it for work a lot and cannot find ways to say a lot of things without using the letter B. I have tried the following to fix it:

    - Remove a global shortcut i had that was using Alt+B. Rebooted.
    - Reinstalled Pidgin. Rebooted
    - Completely removed Pidgin and reinstalled. Reboot
    - Completely removes Pidgin and depackaged 2.5.4 from Deb files. Reboot.
    - Turned off logging completely in the preferences section and the chat window menu.

    None of it had any effect.

    Everything works fine, except this.

    Someone PLEASE HELP ME, it seems no one has had this problem before, i have searched for the past few days and found NOTHING.

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    so letter B doesnt work in only Pidgin or in every app?

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    It was only in Pidgin.

    But isn't that the way it happens. You spend days searching for an answer. Then soon as i post in three linux forums i finally find the answer after all haha

    OK The problem was, B is a binding key (i didn't know that term, which would limited my searching queries). Usually those kinds of keys are accompanied by Ctrl, Alt or Shift, etc. In this case it was only B, no special combination of keys.

    I fixed the problem by using the following:

    sudo gedit ./purple/accels

    then changed this line:

    (gtk_accel_path "<main>/Options/Enable Logging" "b")

    to this:

    (gtk_accel_path "<main>/Options/Enable Logging" "<Control>b")

    Problem Solved.

    This was where i eventually found the solution:]

    Thanks for the help anyways.

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    Glad you got that one sorted, I'll have to keep an eye on that myself. Cheers for updating.

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