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    tar cf command - copy the differences only

    I want to find out if you can use tar cf - to copy only the differences.

    Let me explain a little bit. I am copying a few folders from one disk to another disk mount. The initial tar cf - * would copy everything over.

    Let's say after a few days the content of on the original disk has changed and I want to only tar (copy) the differences.

    How do I do this?

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    tar cf --newer YYYYMMDD

    To copy differences or only the files since the last tar date here is the command.

    Let's say we did a tar on Feb 9th, 2009 as follows:
    (cd /mydata; tar cf - *) | tar xvf -

    Today is Feb 11th and we only want to copy the files that have changed since Feb 9th, 2009. The command would be
    (cd /mydata; tar cf - --newer 20090209 * ) | tar xvf -

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