I am using Fedora 8 with mythtv 0.21 and a pinnacle 800i tuner card. It's my first linux box. I seem to have problem when I use the mythfilldatabase command to update the TV listing.

Here is what I do: I download the newest tv listing and put them into xmltv file, then I run the "mythfilldatabase --file 1 xmltv_file_location" command to update the mythconverg with the newest tv listing.

Here is the problem, every time I run that command, it uses 80% of memory and 30% of cpu for over 12 hours in order to finish that command. This is insane. My friend has the same setting and does the same thing, his works fine. We both have no idea why mine is like this. The strange thing is that at the end (after 12 hours) the tv listing is updated. I can see all the new tv listing on the mythweb.

What I tried: I used mysqlcheck to fix mythconverg database, use optimize_mythdb.pl to fix database, and reinstall mythtv, drop the mythconverg database and create it again. none of those worked.