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    Speeding up K3B ? it burns slower than the writers top limit

    I multiboot and really appreciate K3B 's data checking both before and after burning, I've not got a coaster yet from K3B, one point is puzzling me though.
    Whilst I can get a 40 CD writer to perform at that speed using Nero, K3B stubbornly refuses to use the full speed limit. This despite using over speed 48x Media.
    I can get Nero to use full speed on W*n XP and ME but K3B works at almost half burning speed.
    I am using SUSE 9.1 Pro on the same machine.
    Does anyone know of any tweaks for K3B to get the write speed up to par?

    Mad Malc

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    I bet it's because Nero is giving you skewed results. I believe, and I might be wrong, that the speed rating for a burner is how fast it goes when it's burning the outside edge of the cd, so when it's burning near the middle of the cd it's technically going slower....

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    It does take the burner time to spin up (and out) to get to it's full speed. I would tend to agree with Darl that Nero is not telling the truth. If you burn a full ISO, you can see the write speed go up. Mine usually maxes out (and exceeds the speed I set cdrecord to use) somewhere around 50% through the burn.
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