I am having problems getting my newly installed vmplayer 2.5 to see my network.

I have a rhel4.7 machine with vmplayer 2.5 installed with an XP guest OS. vmnet0 should be bridged to eth1 but it isn't and I don't know how to set this.

I previoulsy had vmplayer 2.0.2 and this worked fine, I configured it using vmware-config.pl which seems to be have been replaced with various tools in the latest versions, for which I can find no documentation - it still makes references to vmware-confi.pl.

I have found some suggestions, like vmware-modconfig --console --install-all and vmware-networks --migrate-network-settings /path/to/.vmx both of which have made no difference.

I am probably overlooking something simple but have spent so long on this now I just can not see it - can anyone help?