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    Using lftp for backup

    I have two linux systems and a network HD(

    lftp -u USR,PSW -e "mirror --reverse --only-newer --delete /bk /dir0"
    This works fine from fedora 8 sys but the other sys with fedora 3
    Getting directory contents (0) [Delaying before reconnect: 18]

    I can lftp -u USR,PSW and perform tasks like ls, mkdir and put
    Any help will be appreciated.

    PS: Performing that command I get
    mkdir /dir0 [Loggin in]
    bin: Getting directory contents (0) [Delaying before reconnect ... ]

    /dir0 exists, it does not neet to be created. bin is a directory being backuped

    PS2: lftp -uUSR,PSW -e "cd /dir0;put smth.log;ls;quit"
    works fine but the 'mirror' is a problem

    PS3: lftp -u USR,PSW -e "mirror --reverse --only-newer --delete /bk /dir0"
    does create /dir0 if it does not exist. After that it seems like a permission problem but it isn't.

    PS4: I also removed --reverse option to 'get' instead to 'put' and faced up the same problem.

    PS5: I found the problem: lftp does not 'like' empty directories (put or get): it cannot copied data into empty dirs either they exist or they are created by itself. This only happens in FC3.

    Found the solution: add 'set ftp:list-empty-ok yes' to /etc/lftp.conf

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    I hope it's not too late. Here is how you can fix it:

    lftp error "Delaying before reconnect"

    HTTP ://

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