The Gutenprint dialog in Gimp 2.6 sucks and is somewhat confusing. But I can work with it just like I did in the earlier version of Gimp 2.2.

Here are two problems:

When installing the latest Canon IP4000 ppd file the maximum resolution the driver has is 600x600. It still looks ok. Here is the major issue.

1. The drop down combo box provides Letter, the A European series, and a 4x6; not 5x7 and other sizes. The box just below where you can type in your custom paper sizes is grayed out. You cannot enter the box to type in another paper size.

In the previous version of Gimp when using a Canon IP4100 ppd file I latched on to from a Japanese website did not have this problem and also provided higher resolutions.

The other issue is if I use Gimp 2.6 (Intrepid or Fedora 10) with my previous IP4100 driver I get banding and still have the pages size issue that I did not have with the earlier versions. When I use the IP4000 gutenprint ppd file I do not get banding but the colors are not quite as rich.

The main issue is page sizes other than Letter and 4x6.


Is there some configuration file that I can add page sizes that I want so they appear in the drop down box?

Is there a way to unlock the custom page size input dialog box?

What caused the banding with the older driver? The older and the newer ppd files provide different gimprint dialog boxes.

Anybody out there having similar issues?

Thanks in advance.